Fashionising: 5 Vintage Modernist Jewelry Finds

Posted on August 05 2011

The term ‘vintage modernist’ almost sounds like an oxymoron. But we’re not talking about ‘modern’ in the general sense of the term, but in the movement of the mid 20th century that spawned a range of objects both abstract and minimal. And, specifically, we’re talking about vintage modernist jewellery.

Welsh Elliott Modernism’s collection of such pieces is heart-poundingly exciting to any modernist jewellery fan. Even if you’re not a collector, there are plenty of pieces that fit snugly within the bounds of the current trend towards minimalist solid metal accessories.

The beauty of these pieces is that they’d just as well suit a slick little black dress or crisp white blouse as they would a billowing Pucci maxi dress. These pieces are all available over at Welsh Elliott Modernism’s website. It’s well worth a look.

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