Design Sponge DIY Project

Posted on November 20 2013

My good friend, Sarah, lives in an amazing loft space in Brooklyn. The only downside: shabby-looking old factory floors with about a centuries worth of grime imbedded in them. I decided to lend a hand and upon inspection, painting seemed like the perfect solution.

All it takes is one look her home’s collection of mid-century furnishings to know that Sarah and her husband James are true lovers of design (check out her most recent project Welsh Elliott Modernism). So naturally, Sarah came up with the idea of not just painting her floors but channeling Ettore Sottsass, the eccentric and visionary Italian designer behind the Iconic 80′s design collective Memphis, for a painted floor runner.

Memphis fan or not, the basics of painting a floor are the same, so keep reading to see how we transformed this floor from grimy to gorgeous with a little sand paper and paint. -Megan Pflug*

The Memphis Group: Bacterio is the iconic print we used as inspiration is also featured on the base of this Sottsass table lamp pictured to the above.







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