Francisco Rebajes, NYC designer

Posted on February 20 2011

I've lived and worked in fashion in New York for the past ten years and I love discovering mid-century New York designers. It's exciting to think of the creative environment Greenwich village was for artists like Rebajes in the 50's. I feel lucky to have a collection of Rebajes' signed modernist cuffs available on Although much of his work was figurative, I prefer his minimal modernist pieces. The oversized high-design of these silver and copper cuffs is balanced by their handmade quality which gives them warmth and wearability.

Francisco Rebajes (1905-1990) had his first store and studio in Greenwich Village, New York City. With the success of that store and sales all over the country he was able to open a large designer boutique on 5th Ave and 37th Street in the early 1950's. As you can see from the photos the store's modern design perfectly housed his jewelry pieces.

"My dream is to provide wearable art to the masses and make the world a more beautiful place one person at a time" -Francisco Rebajes, 1941

If you would like to know more about Francisco "Uncle Frank" Rebajes there's a great story by Patricia Riveron Lee at

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